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Central & West Regional Championship

Game Day STATE Championship


Cheering Music Upload 

BASS  Event Production 

Shepherd Hill Regional High School
68 Dudley Oxford Rd
Dudley, MA 01571

March 5, 2023

Select your session. 

A new window will open.

Please enter required Information.

Please email questions to 

COMPETING TEAM Music personal will the one to press the "Play" button to start the Music for competition.

Also be able to "Pause" music if needed.

Music Must be Uploaded by

Saturday March 4th


*Gameday Teams have 2 files to upload

Band Chant & Fight Song

If you do receive an ERROR message after you submit your file. Please do not be alarmed. Your music file is STILL being received. We have a backup system in place. We are aware of the Error and only seems to happen on a few select teams. We are watching the error closely. If you have received and error message please send us an email with you

Order # and Team Name


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