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Cheer Music Upload 

Day of the Event

TEAM Music personnel are REQUIRED to stay at DJ Station. Personnel will have access to headphones to check for correct music before performance.  

Personnel will be the one to press the "Play" button to start the music for competition. 

Select Music Upload Below. 

A new window will open, select your team, enter your name and email, add your .mp3 file, and hit submit. 

YouTube/Website links are not accepted

Please email questions to 

If you are requesting information on your team, please use the

ID Number & Team Name

(first three numbers before your team name) 

in the subject line


 November 3rd

@ Midnight

If you do receive an ERROR message after you submit your file, please do not be alarmed. Your music file is STILL being received. We have a backup system in place. We are aware of the Error and only seems to happen on a few select teams. We are watching the error closely. If you have received and error message please send us an email with you ID # and Team Name


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